HS2 Phase 2b: fighting for ancient woods and trees

Consultation on Phase 2b of the HS2 route

The proposed route for HS2 Phase 2b will destroy 16.7 hectares of ancient woodland in 19 ancient woods.  Another 11 ancient woods will be indirectly damaged.

At a time when species decline is accelerating we should be doing everything we can to protect ancient woodland. With only 2.3 percent of the UK landmass covered in ancient woodland, losing any of it for any reason is wholly unacceptable. These habitats not only support great diversity but they are also one of the best places to connect with nature’s magic. These irreplaceable habitats must be preserved so that our descendants are allowed to benefit from the same experiences that presently enrich so many people’s lives.

The Woodland Trust have provided an automated form, to which you can add further comments if you wish. Respond to HS2 Ltd’s consultation.  Deadline: 21 December 2018.